If you sending your parsel from Finland outside the EU's customs and fiscals territory then Finnish Custom will require you to declare such shipment.

You may have to declare the goods for export, if:

  • you are sending goods fro repair or replacement;
  • you are taking out goods temporaly, for example to an exibition;
  • you are carrying goods owned by a business in ypur luggage;
  • you are sending goods outside EU by transport operator.

You must lodge an export declaration before sending the goods.

You can lodge the export declaration yourself on the Finnish Custom web using your personal bank codes and personal identification number (for Finland citizens) or authorise a forwarding company to lodge it on your behalf. Please note that it is important to lodge the correct export data and to use the correct codes. Also you will need invoice for the parsel you have send, even if it just a gift. You can find the blank of such invoice on the Finnish Custom web or download here

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