Please note

  • Duty-free limit per parcel: total amount and weight of purchases must not exceed 200 EUR/31 kg per parcel. In this case you get exemption from customs duty.

    ATTENTION! For goods that are sent to the same recipient address and that are of total amount worth equal to or under 200 EUR, there are no duties, taxes or charges to pay. For goods that are worth more than 200 EUR , you will need to pay customs duties.

  • Commercial shipment— not recommended to carry in one parcel more than 3-4 pcs of the same item and/or over 30 items.

    In case the customs authorities consider your package containing goods of a commercial nature, you will need to pay customs duties

  • Credibility of given information. You should provide accurate information while filling in the required fields and giving requested data.

    Providing fake invoices or any fraudulent information may lead to the parcel confiscation by customs authorities.


For a shipment weighing 20 kg that is worth 700 euros.;. Freight weight — 20 kg.

Customs duties:

(700€ – 200€) x 15% = 500 x 15% = 75 €