At this page you can find main price list for mailforwarding services of wCargo OY warehouse.

The length of one side of a parcel should not exceed 100 cm, the sum of length, width and height should not exceed 200 cm.
Please note, that this offer valid for parcels of weight not more than 25 kg.

Services and rates

Chargeable services

  • Acceptance of a parcel to a warehouse
  • Parcel collection from P.O. box in Virolahti
  • Parcel consolidation / division

    (for each parcel, min packing material included - 3€)

  • Photo

    per 5 photo

  • Interest for purchasing of goods

    Minimum fee 40 EUR, maximum fee 200 EUR

  • Resolving issues with the seller, searching for parcel in Finland

    Per question

  • Individual packaging, sorting goods according to item name/code

    Per hour

  • Additional external packaging by client request.

    Sometimes client would like to fully repack the parcel

  • Insurance

    You can purchase extra insurance for your parcel

  • Storage/per day

    After 31 days


    After 90 days (in case the storage is not payed) goods will be disposed.

Services free of charge

  • Address tax-free zone
  • Issuing EAD (Export Accompanying Document)
  • Parcel condition checking
  • Items status notifications by e-mail
  • Storage of goods for 45 days
  • Storage of parcel ready for delivery for 14 days
  • Disposition of items
  • Disposition of seller packaging

    We're recommended to dispose all seller packaging for not paying for excess weight

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