Please note about sending parcel to Ukraine

  • Duty-free limit per parcel: total amount and weight of purchases must not exceed 100 EUR. In this case you get exemption from customs duty.

    If the value of your shipment exceeds 100 EUR, but not more than 150 EUR, VAT will be charged in the amount of 20% of the amount over 100 EUR.

For example: the cost of investments of IGOs = 140 EUR. VAT = (140 - 100) * 20% = 8 EUR

           If the value of your shipment exceeds 150 EUR, a fee of 10% of the excess of 150 EUR and VAT of 20% of the value of the parcel over 100 EUR will be charged.

For example: the cost of investments of IGOs = 170 EUR. Duty = (170 - 150) * 10% = 2.00 EUR, VAT = (170 - 100 + 2) * 20% = 14.40 EUR

Customs payments in this case will be: Duty 2 EUR + VAT 14.40 EUR = 16.40 EUR. 


  • How does customs calculate payments?

If the client cannot confirm the cost of his shipment, customs inspectors determine it on their own, using the second method of determining the cost, provided for by the Customs Code of Ukraine (section 9). Customs uses prices from its database or the prices of the sending country for similar goods using popular Internet resources or marketplaces.

  • Can I refuse to pay customs duties?

If you are not satisfied with the cost of customs payments, you can refuse to pay them and issue a return to the company to the Sender. To do this, it is enough to send a notice of refusal to pay the duty by e-mail After confirming the return of the parcel, you will be billed for payment in your personal account


  • How long can my package be in MMPO?

The period of storage of the parcel at customs is 1 month from the date of receipt and can be extended up to 2 months at the request of the recipient. If during the specified period the client is able to provide confirmation of the cost of the goods or clear it through customs, the parcel is automatically sent back to the dispatch office. Additionally, an invoice is issued to the client for the return of the parcel, which is obligatory for payment.


  • What documents are needed for customs?

In the case of establishing the value of your shipment, you need to provide an invoice from the store and a bank statement to confirm the payment. Additionally, the customs inspector may request a copy of the Recipient's passport.