Customs clearance & customs brokerage services

We offer a wide range of customs clearance services that include Export, Import & Transit. Our main services in custom clearing include advice to the clients in preparing documents related to import, export and transit, completion of appraisement and examination procedures and payments.

WCARGO OY is a reliable and independent customs broker in Finland.

Due to our experience, competence and flexibility, we offer our customers a significantly more advantageous implementation of logistics chain. By using modern electronic data processing systems, we assure promptitude and efficiency of services provided by our company.

Export and transit customs clearance procedures and formalities

  • Export procedures and documentation.
  • Transit declaration service, including customs documents for high-value and excise goods.
  • We provide a wide array of customs bond services.Based on the type of goods shipped, we will conduct a regulatory review in order to identify any new texts applicable to your sector to ensure that the customs clearance procedure followed meets current regulations.
  • CARNET TIR, CMR. Special agreement on a large and medium volume of documentation is possible.
  • Customs clearance in accordance to NCTC system.
  • Freight forwarding in all ports of Finland.

Import сustoms сlearance

  • We calculate your customs duty and import VAT in advance. The customs process is accelerated, with Wcargo making prompt payment of relevant charges using own customs bond.
  • Pre-clearance of shipments before arrival (where permitted).
  • When requested by the shipper or importer, Wcargo prepares all needed customs documentation in advance and can release it to any border-crossing points of Finland.
  • Documentation and certification consulting services.

We have listed only the main documents required for customs clearance by any mode of transport. Depending on the specificity of your order, type of cargo, loading and delivery, our specialists will prepare the necessary documents.

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