List of natural or legal persons, entities or bodies, referred to EU sanctions againts Russia


Our company have created this list based on data from open sources. 
The information on this page is for reference only.

Please always check the recipient of your shipment in the current list of sanctions.



  1.   JSC Sirius (Russia)
  2. OJSC Stankoinstrument (Russia)
  3. OAO JSC Chemcomposite (Russia)
  4. JSC Kalashnikov (Russia)
  5. JSC Tula Arms Plant (Russia)
  6. NPK Technologii Maschinostrojenija (Russia)
  7. OAO Wysokototschnye Kompleksi (Russia)
  8. OAO Almaz Antey (Russia)
  9. OAO NPO Bazalt (Russia)
  10. Admiralty Shipyard JSC (Russia)
  11. Aleksandrov Scientific Research Technological Institute NITI (Russia)
  12. Argut OOO (Russia)
  13. Communication center of the Ministry of Defense (Russia)
  14. Federal Research Center Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (Russia)
  15. Federal State Budgetary Enterprise of the Administration of the President of Russia (Russia)
  16. Federal State Budgetary Enterprise Special Flight Unit Rossiya of the Administration of the President of Russia (Russia)
  17. Federal State Unitary Enterprise Dukhov Automatics Research Institute (VNIIA) (Russia)
  18. Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) (Russia)
  19. Forensic Center of Nizhniy Novgorod Region Main Directorate of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (Russia)
  20. International Center for Quantum Optics and Quantum Technologies (the Russian Quantum Center) (Russia)
  21. Irkut Corporation (Russia)
  22. Irkut Research and Production Corporation Public Joint Stock Company (Russia)
  23. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute of Computing Machinery (Russia)
  24. JSC Central Research Institute of Machine Building (JSC TsNIIMash) (Russia)
  25. JSC Kazan Helicopter Plant Repair Service (Russia)
  26. JSC Shipyard Zaliv (Zaliv Shipbuilding yard) (Autonomous Republic of Crimea, illegally annexed by Russia)
  27. JSC Rocket and Space Centre – Progress (Russia)
  28. Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Works J.S. Co. (Russia)
  29. Kazan Helicopter Plant PJSC (Russia)
  30. Komsomolsk-na-Amur Aviation Production Organization (KNAAPO) (Russia)
  31. Ministry of Defence RF (Russia)
  32. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia)
  33. NPO High Precision Systems JSC (Russia)
  34. NPO Splav JSC (Russia)
  35. OPK Oboronprom (Russia)
  36. PJSC Beriev Aircraft Company (Russia)
  37. PJSC Irkut Corporation (Russia)
  38. PJSC Kazan Helicopters (Russia)
  39. POLYUS Research Institute of M.F. Stelmakh Joint Stock Company (Russia)
  40. Promtech-Dubna, JSC (Russia)
  41. Public Joint Stock Company United Aircraft Corporation (Russia)
  42. Radiotechnical and Information Systems (RTI) Concern (Russia)
  43. Rapart Services LLC (Russia)
  44. Rosoboronexport OJSC (ROE) (Russia)
  45. Rostec (Russian Technologies State Corporation) (Russia)
  46. Rostekh – Azimuth (Russia)
  47. Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (Russia)
  48. Russian Helicopters JSC (Russia)
  49. SP KVANT (Sovmestnoe Predpriyatie Kvantovye Tekhnologii) (Russia)
  50. Sukhoi Aviation JSC (Russia)
  51. Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (Russia)
  52. Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC (Russia)
  53. Tupolev JSC (Russia)
  54. UEC-Saturn (Russia)
  55. United Aircraft Corporation (Russia)
  56. JSC AeroKompozit (Russia)
  57. United Engine Corporation (Russia)
  58. UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC (Russia)
  59. United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (Russia)
  60. United Shipbuilding Corporation (Russia)
  61. JSC PO Sevmash (Russia)
  62. Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard (Russia)
  63. Severnaya Shipyard (Russia)
  64. Shipyard Yantar (Russia)
  65. UralVagonZavod (Russia)
  66. Baikal Electronics (Russia)
  67. Center for Technological Competencies in Radiophtonics (Russia)
  68. Central Research and Development Institute Tsiklon (Russia)
  69. Crocus Nano Electronics (Russia)
  70. Dalzavod Ship-Repair Center (Russia)
  71. Elara (Russia)
  72. Electronic Computing and Information Systems (Russia)
  73. ELPROM (Russia)
  74. Engineering Center Ltd. (Russia)
  75. Forss Technology Ltd. (Russia)
  76. Integral SPB (Russia)
  77. JSC Element (Russia)
  78. JSC Pella-Mash (Russia)
  79. JSC Shipyard Vympel (Russia)
  80. Kranark LLC (Russia)
  81. Lev Anatolyevich Yershov (Ershov) (Russia)
  82. LLC Center (Russia)
  83. MCST Lebedev (Russia)
  84. Miass Machine-Building Factory (Russia)
  85. Microelectronic Research and Development Center Novosibirsk (Russia)
  86. MPI VOLNA (Russia)
  87. N.A. Dollezhal Order of Lenin Research and Design Institute of Power Engineering (Russia)
  88. Nerpa Shipyard (Russia)
  89. NM-Tekh (Russia)
  90. Novorossiysk Shipyard JSC (Russia)
  91. NPO Electronic Systems (Russia)
  92. NPP Istok (Russia)
  93. NTC Metrotek (Russia)
  94. OAO GosNIIkhimanalit (Russia)
  95. OAO Svetlovskoye Predpriyatiye Era (Russia)
  96. OJSC TSRY (Russia)
  97. OOO Elkomtekh (Elkomtex) (Russia)
  98. OOO Planar (Russia)
  99. OOO Sertal (Russia)
  100. Photon Pro LLC (Russia)
  101. PJSC Zvezda (Russia)
  102. Amur Shipbuilding Factory PJSC (Russia)
  103. AO Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repairing JSC (Russia)
  104. AO Kronshtadt (Russia)
  105. Avant Space LLC (Russia)
  106. Production Association Strela (Russia)
  107. Radioavtomatika (Russia)
  108. Research Center Module (Russia)
  109. Robin Trade Limited (Russia)
  110. R.Ye. Alekseyev Central Design Bureau for Hydrofoil Ships (Russia)
  111. Rubin Sever Design Bureau (Russia)
  112. Russian Space Systems (Russia)
  113. Rybinsk Shipyard Engineering (Russia)
  114. Scientific Research Institute of Applied Chemistry (Russia)
  115. Scientific-Research Institute of Electronics (Russia)
  116. Scientific Research Institute of Hypersonic Systems (Russia)
  117. Scientific Research Institute NII Submikron (Russia)
  118. Sergey IONOV (Russia)
  119. Serniya Engineering (Russia)
  120. Severnaya Verf Shipbuilding Factory (Russia)
  121. Ship Maintenance Center Zvezdochka (Russia)
  122. State Governmental Scientific Testing Area of Aircraft Systems (GkNIPAS) (Russia)
  123. State Machine Building Design Bureau Raduga Bereznya (Russia)
  124. State Scientific Center AO GNTs RF—FEI A.I. Leypunskiy Physico-Energy Institute (Russia)
  125. State Scientific Research Institute of Machine Building Bakhirev (GosNIImash) (Russia)
  126. Tomsk Microwave and Photonic Integrated Circuits and Modules Collective Design Center (Russia)
  127. UAB Pella-Fjord (Russia)
  128. United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC ‘35th Shipyard’ (Russia)
  129. United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC ‘Astrakhan Shipyard’ (Russia)
  130. United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC ‘Aysberg Central Design Bureau’ (Russia)
  131. United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC ‘Baltic Shipbuilding Factory’ (Russia)
  132. United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC ‘Krasnoye Sormovo Plant OJSC’ (Russia)
  133. United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC SC ‘Zvyozdochka’ (Russia)
  134. United Shipbuilding Corporation ‘Pribaltic Shipbuilding Factory Yantar’ (Russia)
  135. United Shipbuilding Corporation ‘Scientific Research Design Technological Bureau Onega’ (Russia)
  136. United Shipbuilding Corporation ‘Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard’ (Russia)
  137. Ural Scientific Research Institute for Composite Materials (Russia)
  138. Urals Project Design Bureau Detal (Russia)
  139. Vega Pilot Plant (Russia)
  140. Vertikal LLC(Russia)
  141. Vladislav Vladimirovich Fedorenko (Russia)
  142. VTK Ltd (Russia)
  143. Yaroslavl Shipbuilding Factory (Russia)
  144. ZAO Elmiks-VS (Russia)
  145. ZAO Sparta (Russia)
  146. ZAO Svyaz Inzhiniring (Russia)
  147. 46th TSNII Central Scientific Research Institute (Russia)
  148. Alagir Resistor Factory (Russia)
  149. All-Russian Research Institute of Optical and Physical Measurements (Russia)
  150. All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute Etalon JSC (Russia)
  151. Almaz JSC (Russia)
  152. Arzam Scientific Production Enterprise Temp Avia (Russia)
  153. Automated Procurement System for State Defense Orders, LLC (Russia)
  154. Dolgoprudniy Design Bureau of Automatics (DDBA JSC) (Russia)
  155. Electronic Computing Technology Scientific-Research Center JSC (Russia)
  156. Electrosignal JSC (Russia)
  157. Energiya JSC (Russia)
  158. Engineering Center Moselectronproekt (Russia)
  159. Etalon Scientific and Production Association (Russia)
  160. Evgeny Krayushin (Russia)
  161. Foreign Trade Association Mashpriborintorg (Russia)
  162. Ineko LLC (Russia)
  163. Informakustika JSC (Russia)
  164. Institute of High Energy Physics (Russia)
  165. Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Russia)
  166. Inteltech PJSC (Russia)
  167. ISE SO RAN Institute of High-Current Electronics (Russia)
  168. Kaluga Scientific-Research Institute of Telemechanical Devices JSC (Russia)
  169. Kulon Scientific-Research Institute JSC (Russia)
  170. Lutch Design Office JSC (Russia)
  171. Meteor Plant JSC (Russia)
  172. Moscow Communications Research Institute JSC (Russia)
  173. Moscow Order of the Red Banner of Labor Research Radio Engineering Institute JSC (Russia)
  174. NPO Elektromechaniki JSC (Russia)
  175. Omsk Production Union Irtysh JSC (Russia)
  176. Omsk Scientific-Research Institute of Instrument Engineering JSC (Russia)
  177. Optron, JSC (Russia)
  178. Pella Shipyard OJSC (Russia)
  179. Polyot Chelyabinsk Radio Plant JSC (Russia)
  180. Pskov Distance Communications Equipment Plant (Russia)
  181. Radiozavod JSC (Russia)
  182. Razryad JSC (Russia)
  183. Research Production Association Mars (Russia)
  184. Ryazan Radio-Plant (Russia)
  185. Scientific Production Center Vigstar JSC (Russia)
  186. Scientific Production Enterprise ‘Radiosviaz’ (Russia)
  187. Scientific Research Institute Ferrite-Domen (Russia)
  188. Scientific Research Institute of Communication Management Systems (Russia)
  189. Scientific-Production Association and Scientific-Research Institute of Radio-Components (Russia)
  190. Scientific-Production Enterprise ‘Kant’ (Russia)
  191. Scientific-Production Enterprise ‘Svyaz’ (Russia)
  192. Scientific-Production Enterprise Almaz JSC (Russia)
  193. Scientific-Production Enterprise Salyut JSC (Russia)
  194. Scientific-Production Enterprise Volna (Russia)
  195. Scientific-Production Enterprise Vostok JSC (Russia)
  196. Scientific-Research Institute ‘Argon’ (Russia)
  197. Scientific-Research Institute and Factory Platan (Russia)
  198. Scientific-Research Institute of Automated Systems and Communications Complexes Neptune JSC (Russia)
  199. Special Design and Technical Bureau for Relay Technology (Russia)
  200. Special Design Bureau Salute JSC (Russia)
  201. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company ‘Salute’ (Russia)
  202. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company ‘State Machine Building Design Bureau “Vympel” By Name I.I.Toropov’ (Russia)
  203. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company ‘URALELEMENT’ (Russia)
  204. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company ‘Plant Dagdiesel’ (Russia)
  205. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company ‘Scientific Research Institute of Marine Heat Engineering’ (Russia)
  206. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company PA Strela (Russia)
  207. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company Plant Kulakov (Russia)
  208. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company Ravenstvo (Russia)
  209. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company Ravenstvo-service (Russia)
  210. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company Saratov Radio Instrument Plant (Russia)
  211. Tactical Missile Company, Joint Stock Company Severny Press (Russia)
  212. Tactical Missile Company, Joint-Stock Company ‘Research Center for Automated Design’ (Russia)
  213. Tactical Missile Company, KB Mashinostroeniya (Russia)
  214. Tactical Missile Company, NPO Electromechanics (Russia)
  215. Tactical Missile Company, NPO Lightning (Russia)
  216. Tactical Missile Company, Petrovsky Electromechanical Plant ‘Molot’ (Russia)
  217. Tactical Missile Company, PJSC ‘MBDB “ISKRA”’ (Russia)
  218. Tactical Missile Company, PJSC ANPP Temp Avia (Russia)
  219. Tactical Missile Company, Raduga Design Bureau (Russia)
  220. Tactical Missile Corporation, ‘Central Design Bureau of Automation’ (Russia)
  221. Tactical Missile Corporation, 711 Aircraft Repair Plant (Russia)
  222. Tactical Missile Corporation, AO GNPP ‘Region’ (Russia)
  223. Tactical Missile Corporation, AO TMKB ‘Soyuz’ (Russia)
  224. Tactical Missile Corporation, Azov Optical and Mechanical Plant (Russia)
  225. Tactical Missile Corporation, Concern ‘MPO – Gidropribor’ (Russia)
  226. Tactical Missile Corporation, Joint Stock Company ‘KRASNY GIDROPRESS’ (Russia)
  227. Tactical Missile Corporation, Joint Stock Company Avangard (Russia)
  228. Tactical Missile Corporation, Joint Stock Company Concern Granit-Electron (Russia)
  229. Tactical Missile Corporation, Joint Stock Company Elektrotyaga (Russia)
  230. Tactical Missile Corporation, Joint Stock Company GosNIIMash (Russia)
  231. Tactical Missile Corporation, RKB Globus (Russia)
  232. Tactical Missile Corporation, Smolensk Aviation Plant (Russia)
  233. Tactical Missile Corporation, TRV Engineering (Russia)
  234. Tactical Missile Corporation, Ural Design Bureau ‘Detal’ (Russia)
  235. Tactical Missile Corporation, Zvezda-Strela Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  236. Tambov Plant (TZ) ‘October’ (Russia)
  237. United Shipbuilding Corporation ‘Production Association Northern Machine Building Enterprise’ (Russia)
  238. United Shipbuilding Corporation ‘5th Shipyard’ (Russia)
  239. Federal Center for Dual-Use Technology (FTsDT) Soyuz (Russia)
  240. Turayev Machine Building Design Bureau Soyuz (Russia)
  241. Zhukovskiy Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute (TsAGI) (Russia)
  242. Rosatomflot (Russia)
  243. Lyulki Experimental-Design Bureau (Russia)
  244. Lyulki Science and Technology Center (Russia)
  245. AO Aviaagregat (Russia)
  246. Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) (Russia)
  247. Closed Joint Stock Company Turborus (Turborus) (Russia)
  248. Federal Autonomous Institution Central Institute of Engine-Building N.A. P.I. Baranov; Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) (Russia)
  249. Federal State Budgetary Institution National Research Center Institute N.A. N.E. Zhukovsky (Zhukovsky National Research Institute) (Russia)
  250. Federal State Unitary Enterprise ‘State Scientific-Research Institute for Aviation Systems’ (GosNIIAS) (Russia)
  251. Joint Stock Company 123 Aviation Repair Plant (123 ARZ) (Russia)
  252. Joint Stock Company 218 Aviation Repair Plant (218 ARZ) (Russia)
  253. Joint Stock Company 360 Aviation Repair Plant (360 ARZ) (Russia)
  254. Joint Stock Company 514 Aviation Repair Plant (514 ARZ) (Russia)
  255. Joint Stock Company 766 UPTK (Russia)
  256. Joint Stock Company Aramil Aviation Repair Plant (AARZ) (Russia)
  257. Joint Stock Company Aviaremont (Aviaremont) (Russia)
  258. Joint Stock Company Flight Research Institute N.A. M.M. Gromov (FRI Gromov) (Russia)
  259. Joint Stock Company Metallist Samara (Metallist Samara) (Russia)
  260. Joint Stock Company Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise Named After V.V. Chernyshev (MMP V.V. Chernyshev) (Russia)
  261. JSC NII Steel (Russia)
  262. Joint Stock Company Remdizel (Russia)
  263. Joint Stock Company Special Industrial and Technical Base Zvezdochka (SPTB Zvezdochka) (Russia)
  264. Joint Stock Company STAR (Russia)
  265. Joint Stock Company Votkinsk Machine Building Plant (Russia)
  266. Joint Stock Company Yaroslav Radio Factory (Russia)
  267. Joint Stock Company Zlatoustovsky Machine Building Plant (JSC Zlatmash) (Russia)
  268. Limited Liability Company Center for Specialized Production OSK Propulsion (OSK Propulsion) (Russia)
  269. Lytkarino Machine-Building Plant (Russia)
  270. Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia)
  271. Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology (Russia)
  272. Omsk Motor-Manufacturing Design Bureau (Russia)
  273. Open Joint Stock Company 170 Flight Support Equipment Repair Plant (170 RZ SOP) (Russia)
  274. Open Joint Stock Company 20 Aviation Repair Plant (20 ARZ) (Russia)
  275. Open Joint Stock Company 275 Aviation Repair Plant (275 ARZ) (Russia)
  276. Open Joint Stock Company 308 Aviation Repair Plant (308 ARZ) (Russia)
  277. Open Joint Stock Company 32 Repair Plant of Flight Support Equipment (32 RZ SOP) (Russia)
  278. Open Joint Stock Company 322 Aviation Repair Plant (322 ARZ) (Russia)
  279. Open Joint Stock Company 325 Aviation Repair Plant (325 ARZ) (Russia)
  280. Open Joint Stock Company 680 Aircraft Repair Plant (680 ARZ) (Russia)
  281. Open Joint Stock Company 720 Special Flight Support Equipment Repair Plant (720 RZ SOP) (Russia)
  282. Open Joint Stock Company Volgograd Radio-Technical Equipment Plant (VZ RTO) (Russia)
  283. Public Joint Stock Company Agregat (PJSC Agregat) (Russia)
  284. Salute Gas Turbine Research and Production Center (Russia)
  285. Scientific-Production Association Vint of Zvezdochka Shipyard (SPU Vint) (Russia)
  286. Scientific Research Institute of Applied Acoustics (NIIPA) (Russia)
  287. Siberian Scientific-Research Institute of Aviation N.A. S.A. Chaplygin (SibNIA) (Russia)
  288. Software Research Institute (Russia)
  289. Subsidiary Sevastopol Naval Plant of Zvezdochka Shipyard (Sevastopol Naval Plant) (City of Sevastopol, illegally annexed by Russia)
  290. Tula Arms Plant (Russia)
  291. Russian Institute of Radio Navigation and Time (Russia)
  292. Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency (Rosstandart) (Russia)
  293. Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science P.I. K.A. Valiev RAS of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia (FTIAN) (Russia)
  294. Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Research Institute of Physical, Technical and Radio Engineering Measurements (VNIIFTRI) (Russia)
  295. Institute of Physics Named After P.N. Lebedev of the Russian Academy of Sciences (LPI) (Russia)
  296. The Institute of Solid-State Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISSP) (Russia)
  297. Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPP SB RAS) (Russia)
  298. UEC-Perm Engines, JSC (Russia)
  299. Ural Works of Civil Aviation, JSC (Russia)
  300. Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering ‘Rubin’, JSC (Russia)
  301. ‘Aeropribor-Voskhod’, JSC (Russia)
  302. Aerospace Equipment Corporation, JSC (Russia)
  303. Central Research Institute of Automation and Hydraulics (CNIIAG), JSC (Russia)
  304. Aerospace Systems Design Bureau, JSC (Russia)
  305. Afanasyev Technomac, JSC (Russia)
  306. Ak Bars Shipbuilding Corporation, CJSC (Russia)
  307. AGAT, Gavrilov-Yaminskiy Machine-Building Plant, JSC (Russia)
  308. Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, JSC (Russia)
  309. Joint Stock Company Eleron (Russia)
  310. AO Rubin (Russia)
  311. Branch of AO Company Sukhoi Yuri Gagarin Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant (Russia)
  312. Branch of PAO II – Aviastar (Russia)
  313. Branch of RSK MiG Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft-Construction Plant Sokol (Russia)
  314. Chkalov Novosibirsk Aviation Plant (Russia)
  315. Joint Stock Company All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute Gradient (Russia)
  316. Joint Stock Company Almatyevsk Radiopribor Plant (JSC AZRP) (Russia)
  317. Joint Stock Company Experimental-Design Bureau Elektroavtomatika in the name of P.A. Efimov (Russia)
  318. Joint Stock Company Industrial Controls Design Bureau (Russia)
  319. Joint Stock Company Kazan Instrument-Engineering and Design Bureau (Russia)
  320. Joint Stok Company Microtechnology (Russia)
  321. Phasotron Scientific-Research Institute of Radio-Engineering (Russia)
  322. Joint Stock Company Radiopribor (Russia)
  323. Joint Stock Company Ramensk Instrument-Engineering Bureau (Russia)
  324. Joint Stock Company Research and Production Center SAPSAN (Russia)
  325. Joint Stock Company Rychag (Russia)
  326. Joint Stock Company Scientific Production Enterprise Izmeritel (Russia)
  327. Joint Stock Company Scientific-Production Union for Radioelectronics Named After V.I. Shimko (Russia)
  328. Joint Stock Company Taganrog Communications Scientific-Research Institute (Russia)
  329. Joint Stock Company Urals Instrument-Engineering Plant (Russia)
  330. Joint Stock Company Vzlet Engineering Testing Support (Russia)
  331. Joint Stock Company Zhiguli Radio Plant (Russia)
  332. Joint Stock Company Bryansk Electromechanical Plant (Russia)
  333. Public Joint Stock Company Moscow Institute of Electro-Mechanics and Automation (Russia)
  334. Public Joint Stock Company Stavropol Radio Plant Signal (Russia)
  335. Public Joint Stock Company Techpribor (Russia)
  336. Joint Stock Company Ramensky Instrument-Engineering Plant (Russia)
  337. V.V. Tarasov Avia Avtomatika (Russia)
  338. Design Bureau of Chemical Machine Building KBKhM (Russia)
  339. Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center (Russia)
  340. Ilyushin Aviation Complex Branch: Myasishcheva Experimental Mechanical Engineering Plant (Russia)
  341. Institute of Marine Technology Problems Far East Branch Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
  342. Irkutsk Aviation Plant (Russia)
  343. Joint Stock Company Aerocomposit Ulyanovsk Plant (Russia)
  344. Joint Stock Company Experimental Design Bureau Named After A.S. Yakovlev (Russia)
  345. Joint Stock Company Federal Research and Production Center Altai (Russia)
  346. Joint Stock Company ‘Head Special Design Bureau Prozhektor’ (Russia)
  347. Joint Stock Company Ilyushin Aviation Complex (Russia)
  348. Joint Stock Company Lazurit Central Design Bureau (Russia)
  349. Joint Stock Company Research and Development Enterprise Protek (Russia)
  350. Joint Stock Company SPMDB Malachite (Russia)
  351. Joint Stock Company Votkinsky Zavod (Russia)
  352. Kalyazinsky Machine Building Factory – Branch of RSK MiG (Russia)
  353. Main Directorate of Deep-Sea Research of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Russia)
  354. NPP Start (Russia)
  355. OAO Radiofizika (Russia)
  356. P.A. Voronin Lukhovitsk Aviation Plant, branch of RSK MiG (Russia)
  357. Public Joint Stock Company Bryansk Special Design Bureau (Russia)
  358. Public Joint Stock Company Voronezh Joint Stock Aircraft Company (Russia)
  359. Radio Technical Institute Named After A. L. Mints (Russia)
  360. Russian Federal Nuclear Center – All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (Russia)
  361. Shvabe JSC (Russia)
  362. Special Technological Center LLC (Russia)
  363. St. Petersburg Marine Bureau of Machine Building Malakhit (Russia)
  364. St. Petersburg Naval Design Bureau Almaz (Russia)
  365. St. Petersburg Shipbuilding Institution Krylov 45 (Russia)
  366. Strategic Control Posts Corporation (Russia)
  367. V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
  368. Vladimir Design Bureau for Radio Communications OJSC (Russia)
  369. Voentelecom JSC (Russia)
  370. A.A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITP), Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) (Russia)
  371. Ak Bars Holding (Russia)
  372. Special Research Bureau for Automation of Marine Researches Far East Branch Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
  373. Systems of Biological Synthesis LLC (Russia)
  374. Borisfen, JSC (Russia)
  375. Barnaul cartridge plant, JSC (Russia)
  376. Concern Avrora Scientific and Production Association, JSC (Russia)
  377. Bryansk Automobile Plant, JSC (Russia)
  378. Burevestnik Central Research Institute, JSC (Russia)
  379. Research Institute of Space Instrumentation, JSC (Russia)
  380. Arsenal Machine-building plant, OJSC (Russia)
  381. Central Design Bureau of Automatics, JSC (Russia)
  382. Zelenodolsk Design Bureau, JSC (Russia)
  383. Zavod Elecon, JSC (Russia)
  384. VMP ‘Avitec’, JSC (Russia)
  385. JSC V. Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design (Russia)
  386. Tulatochmash, JSC (Russia)
  387. PJSC ‘I.S. Brook’ INEUM (Russia)
  388. SPE ‘Krasnoznamenets’, JSC (Russia)
  389. SPA Pribor Named After S.S. Golembiovsky, SC (Russia)
  390. SPA ‘Impuls’, JSC (Russia)
  391. RusBITech (Russia)
  392. ROTOR 43 (Russia)
  393. Rostov optical and mechanical plant, PJSC (Russia)
  394. RATEP, JSC (Russia)
  395. PLAZ (Russia)
  396. OKB ‘Technika’ (Russia)
  397. Ocean Chips (Russia)
  398. Nudelman Precision Engineering Design Bureau (Russia)
  399. Angstrem JSC (Russia)
  400. NPCAP (Russia)
  401. Novosibirsk Plant of Artificial Fibre (Russia)
  402. Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant, JSC (SIBFIRE) (Russia)
  403. Novator DB (Russia)
  404. NIMI Named After V.V. BAHIREV, JSC (Russia)
  405. NII Stali JSC (Russia)
  406. Nevskoe Design Bureau, JSC (Russia)
  407. Neva Electronica JSC (Russia)
  408. ENICS (Russia)
  409. The JSC Makeyev Design Bureau (Russia)
  410. KURGANPRIBOR, JSC (Russia)
  411. Ural Optical-Mechanical Plant E.S. Yalamova, JSC (Russia)
  412. Ramenskoye Engineering Design Office, JSC (Russia)
  413. Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant, JSC (Russia)
  414. Videoglaz Project (Russia)
  415. Innovative Underwater Technologies, LLC (Russia)
  416. Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant (Russia)
  417. All-Russian Research Institute of Radio Engineering (Russia)
  418. PJSC ‘Scientific and Production Association “Almaz” Named After Academician A.A. Raspletin’ (Russia)
  420. Concern Oceanpribor, JSC (Russia)
  421. JSC Zelenogradsky Nanotechnology Center (Russia)
  422. JSC Elektronstandart Pribor (Russia)
  423. JSC ‘Urals Optical-Mechanical Plant Named After Mr E.S Yalamov’ (Russia)
  424. Ramenskoye Instrument-Making Design Bureau, JSC (Russia)
  425. Special Technology Centre Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  426. Vest Ost Limited Liability (Russia)
  427. Trade-Component LLC (Russia)
  428. Radiant Electronic Components JSC (Russia)
  429. JSC ICC Milandr (Russia)
  430. SMT iLogic LLC (Russia)
  431. Device Consulting (Russia)
  432. Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (Russia)
  433. Technodinamika, JSC (Russia)
  434. OOO ‘UNITEK’ (Russia)
  435. Closed Joint Stock Company TPK LINKOS (Russia)
  436. Closed Joint Stock Company TPK LINKOS, SUBDIVISION IN ASTRAKHAN (Russia)
  437. Design and Manufacturing of Aircraft Engines (DAMA) (Iran)
  438. Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force (Iran)
  439. Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization (IRGC SSJO) (Iran)
  440. Oje Parvaz Mado Nafar Company (Mado) (Iran)
  441. Paravar Pars Company (Iran)
  442. Qods Aviation Industries (Iran)
  443. Shahed Aviation Industries (Iran)
  444. Concern Morinformsystem–Agat (Russia)
  445. AO Papilon (Russia)
  446. IT-Papillon OOO (Russia)
  447. OOO Adis (Russia)
  448. Papilon Systems Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  449. Advanced Research Foundation (Russia)
  450. Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (Russia)
  451. Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Research and Production Complex Technology Center (Russia)
  452. Federal State Institution Federal Scientific Center Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
  453. Joint Stock Company All-Russian Research Institute Signal (Russia)
  454. Joint Stock Company Center of Research and Technology Services Dinamika (Russia)
  455. Joint Stock Company Concern Avtomatika (Russia)
  456. Joint Stock Company Corporation Moscow Institute of Heat Technology (Russia)
  457. Joint Stock Company Design Center Soyuz (Russia)
  458. Joint Stock Company Design Technology Center Elektronika (Russia)
  459. Joint Stock Company Institute for Scientific Research Microelectronic Equipment Progress (Russia)
  460. Joint Stock Company Machine-Building Engineering Office Fakel Named After Akademika P.D. Grushina (Russia)
  461. Joint Stock Company Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics (Russia)
  462. Joint Stock Company North Western Regional Center of Almaz Antey Concern Obukhovsky Plant (Russia)
  463. Joint Stock Company Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya Named After A.G. Romashin (Russia)
  464. Joint Stock Company Penza Electrotechnical Research Institute (Russia)
  465. Joint Stock Company Production Association Sever (Russia)
  466. Joint Stock Company Research Center ELINS (Russia)
  467. Joint Stock Company Research and Production Association of Measuring Equipment (Russia)
  468. Joint Stock Company Research and Production Enterprise Radar MMS (Russia)
  469. Joint Stock Company Research and Production Enterprise Sapfir (Russia)
  470. Joint Stock Company RT-Tekhpriemka (Russia)
  471. Joint Stock Company Russian Research Institute Electronstandart (Russia)
  472. Joint Stock Company Ryazan Plant of Metal Ceramic Instruments (Russia)
  473. Joint Stock Company Scientific Production Enterprise Digital Solutions (Russia)
  474. Joint Stock Company Scientific Production Enterprise Kontakt (Russia)
  475. Joint Stock Company Scientific Production Enterprise Topaz (Russia)
  476. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute Giricond (Russia)
  477. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute of Computer Engineering NII SVT (Russia)
  478. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute of Electrical Carbon Products (Russia)
  479. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute of Electronic and Mechanical Devices (Russia)
  480. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Engineering Materials (Russia)
  481. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute of Gas Discharge Devices Plasma (Russia)
  482. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute of Industrial Television Rastr (Russia)
  483. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute of Precision Mechanical Engineering (Russia)
  484. Joint Stock Company Special Design Bureau of Computer Engineering (Russia)
  485. Joint Stock Company Special Design Bureau of Control Means (Russia)
  486. Joint Stock Company Special Design Bureau Turbina (Russia)
  487. Joint Stock Company State Scientific Research Institute Kristall (Russia)
  488. Joint Stock Company Svetlana Semiconductors (Russia)
  489. Joint Stock Company Tekhnodinamika (Russia)
  490. Joint Stock Company Voronezh Semiconductor Devices Factory Assembly (Russia)
  491. KAMAZ Publicly Traded Company (Russia)
  492. Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
  493. Limited Liability Company Research and Production Association Radiovolna (Russia)
  494. Limited Liability Company RSBGroup (Russia)
  495. Mitishinskiy Scientific Research Institute of Radio Measuring Instruments (Russia)
  496. Open Joint Stock Company Khabarovsk Radio Engineering Plant (Russia)
  497. Open Joint Stock Company Mariyskiy Machine-Building Plant (Russia)
  498. Open Joint Stock Company Scientific and Production Enterprise Pulsar (Russia)
  499. Public Joint Stock Company Megafon (Russia)
  500. Public Joint Stock Company Tutaev Motor Plant (Russia)
  501. Public Joint Stock Company Vympel Interstate Corporation (Russia)
  502. RT-Inform Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  503. Skolkovo Foundation (Russia)
  504. Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Russia)
  505. State Flight Testing Center Named After V.P. Chkalov (Russia)
  506. Joint Stock Company Research and Production Association Named After S.A. Lavochkina (Russia)
  507. VMK Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  508. TESTKOMPLEKT LLC (Russia)
  509. Radiopriborsnab LLC (Russia)
  510. CJSC Radiotekhkomplekt (Russia)
  511. Asia Pacific Links Ltd. (Hong Kong, China)
  512. Tordan Industry Limited (Hong Kong, China)
  513. Alpha Trading Investments Limited (Hong Kong, China)
  514. JSC NICEVT (Russia)
  515. A-CONTRAKT (Russia)
  516. JCS Izhevsk Motozavod Axion-holding (Russia)
  517. Gorky Plant of Communication Equipment (GZAS) (Russia)
  518. Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Engineering (NNIIRT) (Russia)
  519. Nizhegorodskiy televizionnyy zavod (NITEL JSC) (Russia)
  520. LLC Rezonit (Russia)
  521. ZAO Promelektronika (Russia)
  522. TD Promelektronika LLC (Russia)
  523. Tako LLC (Armenia)
  524. Art Logistics LLC (Russia)
  525. GFK Logistics LLC (Russia)
  526. Novastream Limited (Russia)
  527. SKS Elektron Broker (Russia)
  528. Trust Logistics (Russia)
  529. Trust Logistics LLC (Russia)
  530. Alfa Beta Creative LLC (Uzbekistan)
  531. GFK Logistics Asia LLC (Uzbekistan)
  532. I Jet Global DMCC (Syria)
  533. I Jet Global DMCC (United Arab Emirates)
  534. Success Aviation Services FZC (United Arab Emirates)
  535. LLC CST (Zala Aero Group) (Russia)
  536. Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries Corporation (HESA) (Iran)
  537. Closed Joint Stock Company Special Design Bureau (Russia)
  538. Federal State Enterprise Kazan State Gunpowder Plant (Russia)
  539. Federal State Unitary Enterprise Central Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics (Russia)
  540. Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rostov-On-Don Research Institute of Radio Communications (Russia)
  541. Informtest Firm Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  542. Joint Stock Company 150 Aircraft Repair Plant (Russia)
  543. Joint Stock Company 810 Aircraft Repair Plant (Russia)
  544. Joint Stock Company Arzamas Instrument-Making Plant Named After P.I. Plandin (Russia)
  545. Joint Stock Company Concern Central Institute for Scientific Research Elektropribor (Russia)
  546. Joint Stock Company Dux (Russia)
  547. Joint Stock Company Eastern Shipyard (Russia)
  548. Joint Stock Company Information Satellite Systems Named After Academician M.F. Reshetnev (Russia)
  549. Joint Stock Company Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol (Russia)
  550. Joint Stock Company Kazan Optical-Mechanical Plant (Russia)
  551. Joint Stock Company Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Yard (Russia)
  552. Joint Stock Company Machine Building Company Vityaz (Russia)
  553. Joint Stock Company Management Company Radiostandard (Russia)
  554. Joint Stock Company Marine Instrument Engineering Corporation (Russia)
  555. Joint Stock Company NII Gidrosvyazi Shtil (Russia)
  556. Joint Stock Company Nizhny Novgorod Plant of the 70th Anniversary of Victory (Russia)
  557. Joint Stock Company Northern Production Association Arktika (Russia)
  558. Joint Stock Company Perm Machine Building Plant (Russia)
  559. Joint Stock Company Production Complex Akhtuba (Russia)
  560. Joint Stock Company Project Design Bureau RIO (Russia)
  561. Joint Stock Company Scientific Production Association Orion (Russia)
  562. Joint Stock Company Scientific Production Association Volna Plant (Russia)
  563. Joint Stock Company Scientific Production Center of Automatics and Instrument Building Named After Academician N.A. Pilyugin (Russia)564. 

Joint Stock Company Scientific Production Concern Tekhmash (Russia)

  1. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Engineering Institute (Russia)
  2. Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute of Computing Complexes Named After M.A. Kartsev (Russia)
  3. Joint Stock Company Scientific Technical Institute Radiosvyaz (Russia)
  4. Joint Stock Company Taganrog Plant Priboy (Russia)
  5. Joint Stock Company Tula Cartridge Works (Russia)
  6. Joint Stock Company Tula Machine-Building Plant (Russia)
  7. Joint Stock Company Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (Russia)
  8. Joint Stock Company Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works (Russia)
  9. Joint Stock Company Ural Automotive Plant (Russia)
  10. Joint Stock Company Vodtranspribor (Russia)
  11. Joint Stock Company Zavolzhskiy Plant of Caterpillar Tractors (Russia)
  12. Joint Stock Company Zelenodolsk Plant Named After A.M. Gorky (Russia)
  13. Machine Building Group Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  14. Military Industrial Company Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  15. Open Joint Stock Company Degtyaryov Plant (Russia)
  16. Promtekhnologiya Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  17. Public Joint Stock Company Kurganmashzavod (Russia)
  18. Public Joint Stock Company Motovilikha Plants (Russia)
  19. Public Joint Stock Company Proletarsky Plant (Russia)
  20. Public Joint Stock Company Rostvertol (Russia)
  21. Scientific Production Association Izhevsk Unmanned Systems Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  22. Scientific Production Enterprise Prima Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  23. United Machine Building Group Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  24. Volgograd Machine Building Company Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  25. VXI-Systems Limited Liability Company (Russia)
  26. LLC Yadro (Russia)
  27. Perm Powder Plant (Russia)
  28. RPA Kazan Machine Building Plant (Russia)
  29. Proton JSC (Russia)
  30. Grant Instrument (Russia)
  31. Streloy (Russia)
  32. LLC Research and Production Enterprise Itelma (Russia)
  33. TTK Kammarket LLC (Russia)
  34. JSC Kompel (Russia)
  35. LLC MBR-AVIA (Russia)
  36. LLC NeoTech (Russia)
  37. JSC Sozvezdie Concern (Russia)
  38. Serov Machine-Building Plant JSC (Russia)
  39. Aeroscan LLC (Russia)
  40. STC Orion LLC (Russia)
  41. Technical Center Windeq LLC (Russia)
  42. OrelMetallPolimer LLC (Russia)
  43. OMP LLC (Russia)
  44. Spetstehnotreyd LLC (Russia)
  45. BIC-inform (Russia)
  46. Spel LLC (Russia)
  47. Alfakomponent LLC (Russia)
  48. ID Solution LLC (Russia)
  49. Inelso LLC (Russia)

614.Elitan Trade LLC (Russia)

  1. Hartis Dv LLV (Russia)
  2. SFT LLC (Russia)

617.Kami Group LLC (Russia)

  1. AGT Systems LLC (Russia)
  2. Entep LLC (Russia)
  3. Mvizion LLC (Uzbekistan)
  4. Design Bureau of Navigation Systems (NAVIS) (Russia)
  5. Deflog Technologies PTE LTD (Singapore)
  6. JSC VNIIR Progress (Russia)
  7. Si2 Microsystems Pvt Ltd (India)
  8. Spark TT (Russia)
  9. Euro Asia Cargo (Private) Ltd. (Sri Lanka)
  10. Ultran Electronic Components LLC (Russia)
  11. RG Solutions Limited (Hong Kong, China)
  12. JSC SEZ Alabuga (Russia)
  13. LLC Alabuga Development (Russia)
  14. AO Geomir (Russia)
  15. OOO Albatross (Russia)
  16. AO SET-1 (Russia)
  17. OOO Alabuga Volokno (Russia)
  18. SuperCam (Russia)
  19. AviatestAero (Russia)
  20. Conex Doo Beograd-Stari Grad (Serbia)
  21. Guangzhou Ausay Technology Co Limited (China)
  22. Shenzhen Biguang Trading Co. Ltd (China)
  23. Yilufa Electronics Ltd. (China)
  24. TOO Elem Group (Kazakhstan)
  25. Thai IT Hardware Co., Ltd (Thailand)
  26. Yildiz Çip Teknoloji Elektronik Elektrik Bilgisayar Malzemeleri Ticaret Sanayi Limited Sirketi (Türkiye)
  27. LLC Fregat (Russia)
  28. IC Specpostavka (Russia)
  29. Nordlase LLC (Russia)
  30. Leningrad Laser Systems (Russia)
  31. LLS Mark (Russia)
  32. OOO Staut (Russia)
  34. VTB BANK