Pre-sale preparation

Pre-sale goods preparation is one of the warehouse operations performed to prepare a product for sale or promotion.

Preparation also is creating a set (a new “product”) from a number of different units. This kind of order assembling allows customers to put a set in the shopping cart, and it also made delivery cheaper.

Pre-sale preparation takes place in a special picking area, all processes are carried out through the WMS system. Our safe storage warehouse have all necessary equipment for presale operations (label printer, wrapping machine, packaging thermosealer, etc.)

The list of warehouse services for presale include:

  • Selection of goods in a warehouse (pallet, box or piece) in accordance with the costumer request

  • Co-packing, creating a sets

  • Preparations for shipment, packaging

  • Stickering and labeling

  • Goods consolidations in a shipment

  • Issuing customs documentation

  • Issuing transport documentation