E-commerce fulfillment is becoming more and more complex and there are huge market growth expectations globally.
We offer smart fulfillment solutions throughout the entire chain.
If you have an internet shop and would like to go to the Russian market with a population of more than 146 million, we’ll
be happy to tell you about our smart solution for e-commerce WCARGO has developed state-of-the-art technology
combined with over 15 years of experience in the Russian logistics market to create this E-commerce solution.
Our system makes the execution of dispatch, delivery and returns simple and extremely efficient. At the click of a
button, you can start shipping to new markets trouble free! On top of this, our pricing is very competitive.
Our services include 6 points Step 1: Contact us
Ready to outsource your E-fulfillment?
Contact WCARGO and our experts will be ready to answer any questions
Step 2: We offer storage service
E-fulfillment service:
Inbound/outbound in a custom bonded warehouse
Stock management
Click & Collect
Order picking
Packaging and packaging management
International returns management
Business intelligence
Transport management
Marketplace integration, Russian language translation
Step 3: Managing logistics
IT system integration
Export-Import shipments documentation support
Warehouse management system
Manage your inventory in real-time
Step 4: Delivery
Delivery all over Russia
COD (cash on delivery)
Step 5: Returns
International Returns Management
Step 6: Give us the following information for calculating the best offer
 Description of goods
 Average number of articles
 Average sums of invoices
 Average number of shipments in a week
The potential of the Russian market is obvious, but many companies run into the many challenges and bureaucracy
of getting the goods to the final destination efficiently. Let WCARGO manage your E-fulfillment and you can
concentrate on volume growth.