Secure storage

WCARGO offer a full range of storage services at own warm warehouse

The total area of WCARGO warehouse is more than 1200 square meters, 4-tier pallet storage with a total capacity of more than 1,000 pallet places.

Becoming our customer you'll get:

  • Rack multilevel storage
  • Cell storage
  • Outdoor storage on more than 1200 square meters area
  • Storage of oversized cargoes
  • Storage offers on outdoor customs area for trailers, turbines, boats, etc.
  • Storage of goods requiring of special permit
  • Storage of goods requiring of special temperature conditions
  • Possibility to rent warehouse space

We accept for storage cargo in any type of package: palletized, boxes, piece.

Our staff works in automated WMS system, it allows to simplify the warehouse operations and reduce errors and processing time.

WCARGO terminal has different zones such us cargo acceptance area,  processing and cross-docking zones, storage, preparation for pickup area for provide better and faster warehouse logistics. This help us to optimally use spase and staff and handle cargo more quickly.

Loading and unloading operations includes:

  • Loading/unloading different types of cargo in different package with using warehouse equiment or manually
  • Cross-docking in loading-unloading area
  • Palletizing cargo during unloading.


Also in our basic services you will find

  • Stocking control by using our system - periodical or by request
  • Reports from warehouse about storing or invoicing