Project Cargo Transportation

WCARGO provides project transportation services tailored to the customer’s individual needs. We mainly use our own resources and realizing partnerships to provide the highest quality logistic services.

Project transportation (transportation of large quantities of industrial equipment, production lines, etc) is the most complicated type of cargo delivery and it requires serious training and maximum coherence in transportation process.

In many cases project transportation rests on a ‘block’ principle. It’s based on the pre-arranged loading and ensures simultaneous arrival of all trucks at the destination customs point, which permits the consignee to declare all the cargo items at the destination customs as a single line (installation).

Due to many years of experience and highly professional personnel, our company will carry out project transportations of any level of complexity.

Project Transportation Process:

  • Analysis of customer’s requirement;
  • Creating a team to work on the project;
  • Optimal delivery route planning from the consignor to the consignee;
  • Delivery cost indicating;
  • Obtaining the permits and other transport documentation required for transportation;
  • Development of schemes for placing the cargo on the freight transport;
  • Development and coordination of loading schemes and cargo fastening drawings;
  • Development of special fastenings and safety gates
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Specialized freight transportation;
  • Cargo tracking at any transportation stage;
  • Providing militarized cargo convoy if necessary;
  • Delivery under export, import and transit statusv;
  • Delivery report;
  • Preparation of complete documentation and technical drawings;
  • Technical route survey ;
  • Arrangement of specialist personnel to escort cargo including the police;
  • Regular staff training and continuous professional development ;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Professional cargo handling.

One of our company’s specialities is bulky and outsized cargos transportation to/from European countries.

We have an immense experience in solving the most complex logistics challenges concerning the transportation of cargos with dimensions that do not permit transportation by roads of general use and require special permits as well as organizational-technical actions.

Our customers can rely on us for complex and long procedure of planning and coordinating the movement of outsized cargo.

In the shortest time our team plans the transportation project, obtains all necessary approvals and permits in all countries of dispatch,
country of destination and transit. We organize if needed the special escort of the cargo by the traffic police and special technical services along the entire route.

The freight can start moving already in 2-3 weeks after receiving an order. For oversized/overweight cargo transportation we develop the suitable transport solution using special vehicles of our partners.

Due to our experiences and our world-wide network we can offer high quality services with less costs and maximum short terms.

We are capable to solve various logistics tasks from equipment transportation to foundation of a new production facility.

The transportation project planning allows us to start participating in development of logistics scheme for our customers at the earliest stages of the project.

We can cut down your logistics cost considerably, to optimize terms and sequence of separate cargo batches delivery, to consider the necessity of complex customs registration of great volumes of cargoes carried by various types of transport.

The project transportations often include the full list of transportation modes, in which our deep experience and excellent competence are shown up to the full extent. This includes the transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes as well as transportation of expensive cargoes and transportation of dangerous cargoes (ADR).

Our team of professionals develops a project for best solution of the most complex logistics problems based on customer’s statement of work.

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